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Bronze handles and accessories for doors, windows and furniture.

The Tree Bark range is characterized by a special surface. The design can be smooth and rounded or squared and linear. There are handles and accessories for fine and luxury furniture, all made of bronze, the prerogative of the F.i.D. line quality, combined with the age-old traditional techniques with which they were tools, weapons and armor.

4 finishes available:

Dark Bronze, which is blended in such a way as to enhance the reddish colour of bronze. No paints are used, only a natural protective wax.

-Light Bronze, which highlights the natural colour of bronze, which becomes darker over time. No paints are used, only a natural protective wax.

-Old Green, which recreates an oxidised effect by manually applying natural patinas.

-Silver, which adds that precious finish to a high-value artefact.

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